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Penwith College Construction and Public Services Students Create a Winning Team


Penwith College Construction and Public Services students joined forces with Sports students to compete in their first competitive basketball match at Penwith College at the end of the Spring term. The Penwith College team comprised of students who had participated in weekly lunchtime drop-in basketball sessions that form part of the Health, Wellbeing and Sport Programme.

The students have been attending the drop-in sessions every week since September, and their first home match was a significant milestone in terms of the development of sports opportunities created through the work of the Penwith College Sports Activator.

The match against another local College team was contested in a friendly manner, with the emphasis on enjoyment rather than the final result. However, the winning margin of 67 - 22 did demonstrate how far the team had come in a relatively short period of time, and what a positive effect the Health, Wellbeing and Sport coaching sessions had had on the students ability.

Mark Stevens, Penwith College Sports Activator said "It was a great afternoon for the students, they competed to the best of their ability and proudly represented Penwith College with their professional manner and team spirit. We will be looking to develop further competitive opportunities for them in the near future".