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Penwith College CSA becomes England's FIRST Double Above Knee Amputee L1 Trampolining Coach

Mark Stevens

Penwith College Sports Activator Mark Stevens becomes England's first double above knee amputee level 1 trampoline coach. Mark, who delivers the Health, Wellbeing and Sport enrichment programme at Penwith College, undertook the national trampolining qualification course over a period of weekends. With mentoring from Truro and Penwith College Sports Maker and level 2 trampoline coach Julian Wills, Mark successfully completed his final assessment during the summer.

Mark is now helping to deliver free trampolining sessions for students on a weekly basis at Penwith as part of the Health, Wellbeing and Sport programme. Mark is keen to encourage more students to experience the sport of trampolining, and will be arranging for tutorial classes to come and join him in the sports hall for a bounce on the trampoline.

Mark commented "I am delighted to have successfully undertaken the trampolining course, as it enables us to provide trampolining sessions across both Truro and Penwith sites. Some of the practicalities of delivering trampolining had to be considered when I embarked on the course, and I am very grateful for the support and flexibility shown by British Gymnastics in enabling me to undertake the coaching badge".