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£17,740 Total amount raised for Wheal Jane Cycling Circuit

Wheal Jane Cycling Circuit

The crowdfunder has now successfully finished, with 160 Backers and a total of £17,740 raised.

I need time to reflect on this amazing 28 days, but thank you to all of you who have contributed. A particular thank you needs to go to Dave Warwick of A30 Media. He has produced all the social media and web site material. Without his help things would have been much more chaotic and not look as professional as they did.

I think Christmas will soon be upon us and then it's time to implement the "rewards", sort out the management committee, work with Wheal Jane and all clubs who are involved, to put in place infrastructure and to plan a 2016 season. It's really fantastic to have so much work to do!

But the largest thank you must go to the owners of the site where the circuit is based, Wheal Jane Holdings for having the imagination, courage and willingness to offer us the opportunity to raise this money and develop a circuit in Cornwall for the use of the community. Thank you to Bernard and his team for all their support and help.

Rod James