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Register your events for the Big Dance 2012

Big Dance 2012

Registration is now open to upload your events, classes and performances for Big Dance 2012 which will kick off on 18 May. If you have something exciting planned between the 7-15 July add it to the Big Dance website early (by the 22nd of March) and receive even more promotional benefits!

The listings will be available to the public from April and will be used to collect information for the Big Dance Week Time Out Guide which will be distributed to all corners of the capital in mid-June.

Please go to:

The first step is to log-in/create an account and then you can add your information.

If you would like to know more about Big Dance and how you could get involved, download the Big Dance 2012 Handbook here!

For further information, please contact Big Dance Director, Jacqueline Rose on 07795616836 /