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SHEU Participation Request


Cornwall Healthy Schools previously asked all schools in Cornwall if they would be interested in participating in the next round of the SHEU Survey. We are now finalising details for those schools who wish to offer the questionanire to their pupils.

For those who are unaware, SHEU are a research unit based in South-West England and the purpose of the survey is for a school to obtain reliable information about the behaviour of pupils in areas related to their healthy development. Survey results can aid curriculum and School Development planning, and in the writing of the annual SEF.

The survey is funded by Public Health Cornwall and completely free to schools.

The questions in the survey concern a wide range of health behaviours, the pupils' responses are anonymous and confidential, and pupils are more likely to answer honestly if they know that they are not going to be individually identified or get into trouble for admitting unhealthy behaviours. If pupils understand that the information will help schools meet the needs of those who ask for support, open and honest responses are more likely to follow.

With this in mind, Cornwall Healthy Schools has prepared a presentation which can be given to pupils during an assembly or tutor time, explaining the purpose and processes of the survey. We will send this to all participating schools ahead of their chosen survey period.

Please see attached a copy of a letter from Brian O'Neill, Consultant in Public Health, which asks you to respond about your intention to participate. 

At Cornwall Healthy Schools we are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of all pupils in Cornwall and believe that the SHEU Survey provides an extremely useful tool to help us work together to identify need, establish good practice and improve the experiences and opportunities of all children and young people in Cornwall.

Please contact me with any queries you may have, and return your response to me or as soon as possible.