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Sponsor a Wheelchair!


There is a fantastic opportunity at West Country Hawks, Plymouth's first Wheelchair Rugby Club and the only Wheelchair Rugby Club in the whole of the South West!

Following the success of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games they have seen a rapid growth and increase of interest in their club and have gained a number of new members with around 10-12 players ranging in disabilities - some with a real chance of going to the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016.

This year West Country Hawks have entered their first group of super serious tournaments with competitions all around the Country and they will be playing against some of the best players the United Kingdom has to offer including the England and Great Britain representative players.

In order to compete against the very best, and grow participation, it is essential to have the right equipment, facilities and resources that West Country Hawks cannot afford with the wheelchair rugby chairs costing around £4,000 each! Due to the disabilities of some of the players travel and accommodation costs are inevitably higher that the average sports team.

You may have heard of the concept "Sponsor a Player" but West Country Hawks are offering you the chance to "Sponsor a Chair"! There are 8 spaces for 8 companies to each sponsor one of their chairs for a year at the price of £2,000 where your Company's logo will be on each wheel three times (in a triangle) as well as on all of their playing vests, training tops and tracksuits.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved with a growing community club within a rapidly increasing sport.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Matt Price on 07973844531 or email him at

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