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Sport England Co-Recruiting for New Roles

Sport England

As part of Sport England's collaboration with County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) across the country we are co-recruiting for five roles to help build stronger communities.

We believe that being physically active enriches lives, builds stronger communities and creates a healthier and happier nation.

Yet too often, the people with the most to gain from being active are the least able to take part.

To help tackle this challenge, we are collaborating with seven CSPs over the next three years to create additional leadership and influence within Sport England and locally - co-recruiting a cohort of eight senior individuals.

We have already recruited three excellent individuals to roles based in Devon, Gloucestershire and Yorkshire and we are looking to finalise recruiting to this cohort with a further five people.

Testing a new way of working, adhering to the principles of co-production, co-ownership and accountability, we are looking for experienced professionals who can:

  • Build high-level relationships, strengthening the connections within the system at national and local level and informing decision making
  • Develop a deep understanding of local and national insight, ensuring it is used to inform national policy and programmes and local delivery
  • Identify challenges, opportunities and learning both nationally and locally
Sport England

These roles will facilitate new behaviours and ways of working within and between us and the seven CSPs, modelling them and supporting colleagues to adopt and implement them in their own work.

Individuals in these roles will be employed by one of the seven CSPs and be part of those teams but will also need to be at ease as part of Sport England.

They will each also have a unique thematic focus aligned to our vision, helping address the most significant strategic challenges facing those localities.

For further information about each of the individual roles, as well as detailed recruitment information, please follow the links below:

For an informal conversation about any of the roles, contact:
Ed Sandham
- or 07768 838469
Ben Jones - or 01603 732331
Ilana Freestone - or 0115 848 3469