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Sport England Launch 'Club Matters'

Club Matters

Sport England has recently announced the development of Club Matters, a One Stop Shop for support for sports clubs. This will bring together Sport England's existing support for clubs; including Clubmark, Club Leaders and Help for Clubs (Sport England club web pages) to create a single, integrated, free support package for clubs.

Club Matters will provide support, learning and guidance on all aspects of running a club 'large, small, formal or informal'.

The one stop shop will support clubs through online support including e-learning modules, toolkits and quick reference guides, face to face support including local seminars packed full of practical resources to help develop clubs and an enhanced mentoring scheme to provide more personal support.

Club Matters






What will be on offer to my club?

  • As part of the Club Matters offering, clubs will be able to carry out a Club Health Check - This is a new tool which will allow clubs to establish the areas where they are doing well and any areas for development. Once completed, clubs will be provided with an interactive road map/development plan, pointing them to free resources on the Club Matters website to help them improve in line with their own goals.
  • Clubs will also be able to use a Club feedback tool to help them better understand members views and needs.
  • Clubmark will continue to offer accreditation to those clubs who meet the required standards in safeguarding. As part of Clubmark accreditation clubs will have the opportunity to request a Club Matters mentor to help them through the accreditation process and avail of resources and templates. To find out more about Clubmark click here.

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