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Sport England Opens a Consultation to Review Measurement of Sports Participation

Sport England

Currently, Sport England releases participation data as part of its Active People Survey. The Active People Survey is carried out via a large landline telephone survey with an annual sample size of around 165,000.

However, given changing patterns of telephone use, surveys based purely on residential landlines do not have complete or even coverage of the target population.

With increasing changes in technology, Sport England are looking to explore new and alternative approaches to data gathering to ensure the right arrangements are in place for the next 5-15 years.

Survey designs reflecting newer methods, such as online and mobile phone, have been explored and proven to be viable alternatives to meet Sport England's strategic and performance measurement requirements in the future.

The new survey, designed to support a new strategy, will mean new data and information being presented in new ways to enable the sector to identify trends and increase participation.

Sport England is keen to emphasise that it regards any fresh process as a new survey, not the continuation or evolution of the current Active People Survey.

Sport England wishes to consult with users and other interested parties on future arrangements for the measurement of sports participation.

The consultation will be open for eight weeks, closing at midnight on 14th October 2015.