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Sport England's NEW way of measuring sport and activity across England

Active Lives Survey

Like its predecessor the Active People Survey, will measure the number of people aged 14 and over taking part in sport. Leading research company IPSOS-MORI carry out the survey for Sport England.

Over recent months, our research experts have been consulting with all of our stakeholders to develop the new survey, which can now be completed both online and by post.

The number of people taking part in sport will be tracked by demographic group, where people live and the activites they take part in.

Data collection began in November 2015, and runs for an initial period of five years. The overall sample size will be around 198,250 people each year. Our minimum annual sample size for each English local authority will be 500, though some key areas will involve surveying a bigger number of people.

Why develop a new survey?
As we develop our new strategy for 2017-2021, this is a brilliant opportunity to review how we measure activity and sport. In doing this we can make sure the data we collect is directly relevant to both the government's, and our own, new strategy. This will become the main tool by which we measure our partners' performance.

Our Active People Survey has existed since 2005/06 and over that time, its design has remained largely unchanged. It continues to be a great measure of a wide range of sports and can provide useful place data to a range of local authorities. However as patterns of telephone and technology use continue to change, we believe now is a good time to develop a new way of measuring activity.

Sport England

Convenience and ease
Now it's also an online questionnaire, the respondent can choose when and how they'd like to complete it. The survey works on smartphones and tablets as well as desktops. This flexibility should mean an easier, more convenient way for people to access the survey.

New measures
The exact measures we use are still being finalised. However we've designed the new survey to be as flexible as possible in order to support a wide range of measures.

How can I access the survey?
If you've received a letter inviting you to take part in the Active Lives Survey, you can access the login page here.

If you experience any difficulties accessing the survey, please email or telephone 0808 129 6801 for further assistance.

What will happen to the Active People Survey?
Our Active People Survey (APS) will continue to run alongside the Active Lives Survey until 30th September 2016. Running Active Lives and Active People alongside one another for 12 months will ensure we are able to understand and explain any changes in estimates of participation.

*The Active Lives Survey is carried out by Sport England, in collaboration with Arts Council England, Public Health England, and the Department for Transport. The survey is administered for Sport England by the leading research company IPSOS-MORI.