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Stakeholders confirm high level of satisfaction with Cornwall Sports Partnership

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The Results are in!

82 % of respondents to Cornwall Sports Partnership's annual satisfaction survey confirmed themselves to be either satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of support and advice given. Individual comments included;

"Fantastic resource for local knowledge and developing opportunity"

"Really satisfied with the support and advice"

"Professional service and always informative and helpful"

"Stakeholders are the lifeblood of our work here at Cornwall Sports Partnership, and it is pleasing that there is a high level of satisfaction with our work. The staff work very hard to deliver the best service possible so it is nice to get a pat on the back now and again" said Director, Mike Thomas, who also commented on the less favourable results as follows;

"11% of respondents considered themselves to be dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the quality of support and advice, while 7% declared that they did not know. Our aim is to continuously improve and we will be examining the results in detail to see where we can make further improvements to our service. I would encourage anyone who feels that our service is not up to scratch to get in touch at any time as feedback is crucial to delivering the services that people want "

A new marketing and communications plan is under development and will help with improving our understanding and ability to get alongside our stakeholders to understand their challenges and add further value to their work.

May we take this opportunity to thank everyone who took time to complete the survey and if you would like to make any further comments or have any feedback for the team here at the Cornwall Sports Partnership, please get in touch.

Any questions or queries regarding the survey should be directed in the first instance to Sarah Mageean, Marketing and Communications Officer on T: 01872 323346 or