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Stakeholders views positive and guide future improvements

CSP Stakeholder Survey

Headline satisfaction with Cornwall Sports Partnership has taken a positive leap forwards in the latest annual survey of stakeholder satisfaction, improving from 38% satisfaction in the previous survey to 63% satisfaction in the latest satisfaction survey. Respondents commented "CSP went above and beyond expectations in all areas investing significant time and resource" and "Extremely helpful, responsive and enthusiastic"

Director Mike Thomas said: " The leap forward in satisfaction is a great credit to the team who work hard to service the activity needs of Cornwall. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our stakeholders who take the time to complete the survey, their feedback is invaluable to us."

Analysis of the detailed results is also important, to uncover areas in which further improvements can be made. Adding value to the work of others has always been a key part of the work of the CSP and responses indicate that we added most value in the areas of keeping people informed, particularly about funding opportunities as well as opportunities for joint working.

CSP Stakeholder Survey

In responding stakeholders commented on areas they would like to see us improve, including by taking  a greater lead on strategy and bringing people together, more regular newsletters, giving people longer lead in times were possible and in some cases improving our speed of response to enquiries. We will look to make improvements in the  areas over the coming year.

It was interesting to see that there was a high level of satisfaction with how we communicate with people, though a significant number of stakeholders were unaware of the communication tools we use. This in part might be due to a widening of our partner base during the year and points to some direct communication, particularly to new partners so they can stay informed and make the best use of the services we have available.

A clear majority of respondents felt that they were satisfied with how we are building strong local partnerships, which is a cornerstone of our work, so it was pleasing to hear this. There were also  number of comments with specific reference to asking us to continue to build relationships with wider partnerships including health and transport partners.