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Take Exercise at Walking Pace with Better

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Two Better leisure centres in Cornwall are partnering with Walking for Health and Cornwall Sports Partnership to offer walking projects to their local residents and members.

Walking for Health Walks, can be delivered at various levels, the walk at Better St Austell will be a very low level walk that introduces individuals into walking - a 20 minute walk targets those who wishing to start to improve their health and fitness levels, walking at a slow pace.

Walking Sports will include football, netball, rugby and rounders they will encourage individuals to do the sport but only at a walking pace, there is most definitely no running involved. The main activity of the session will be 40 minutes, with warm up and warm down at either side of the activity.

The teams at Better St Austell Leisure Centre and Better Newquay Sports Centre are excited about adding these projects to their existing programmes, and feel these types of activities will support individuals to get up and about, in the confidence that they are delivered by friendly leaders who can encourage and build up individuals confidence.

Karen Edmond, Community Sports Manager for Better Cornwall Partnership said:
"Walking and Walking Sports are a great and fantastic way to get fit and become active, the links with both Walking for Health and the Cornwall Sports Partnership, hopes to support the Cornwall Physical Activity Strategy, by implementing programmes that will provide long term benefits to the health and wellbeing of local communities.

So put your best foot forward, and come join in.

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Walking for Health Walk Every Monday from Monday 26th February at Better St Austell Leisure Centre. Meeting time 10.30am in the Café, before taking a gentle stroll, afterwards a relaxing tea and coffee, in a friendly environment.

Walking Sports Every Monday afternoon 1pm - 3pm from Monday 5th March at Better Newquay Sports Centre. Meet at 1pm, where you will be warmed up, partake in the main session, warmed down, and then a comfortable tea and coffee, and a chance to get to know the group.

You can find out more by visiting the centre or their website