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Team Truro & Penwith College tackle the Burrator Horseshoe

The Group

A team of students and staff from Truro and Penwith College took on the Burrator Horseshoe fell race over Dartmoor on 20th June, as part of the Health, Wellbeing and Sport enrichment programme. Team Truro and Penwith College, supported by Velotive, joined 200 other fell runners, who took on the 7 miles of moorland running starting from the village of Meavy in West Devon, running out over Dartmoor. The route included two challenging climbs up to Sheepstor Summit (369m) and Guttor Tor Summit (357m). There was also the matter of negotiating the moorland bogs and crossing the Meavy River Ford.

The summer term challenge formed part of the national award winning College's Health, Wellbeing and Sport programme, with students and staff signing up for the event, and then being able to train for the race by participating in free activity sessions delivered within the enrichment programme. The college based programme of activities which are open to all students and staff at the College, include kettlebell classes, circuit training, cardio cycling, swimming and gym sessions.

Further Education students from both Penwith and Truro sites participated alongside and staff from various departments from across the whole campus. For everyone from the college this was a significant challenge, with the majority of the team having never undertaken a race as demanding as this before.

Start Line

All members of Team Truro and Penwith College managed to complete the course with many of the team returning to the village in very impressive times. FE student Zoe Stratton-Knowles put in a fantastic performance to win the junior female category. Zoe said "This was an amazing experience. I can't believe how well I did. It was really tough, but I loved it. I have already signed up for the 'Mud Run' which is the Autumn College Challenge."

Tristan James, Assistant Personnel Officer, said "I regularly participate in the Health, Wellbeing and Sport activities which have really helped to increase my fitness levels. This fell race was tough, some of the climbs were unbelievable. I would never have completed this before I started participating in the Colleges enrichment programme. Bring on the next challenge."