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The Launch of the Comic Relief Grants Programme for Cornwall!

Comic Relief

Comic Relief is a grant making programme managed by Cornwall Community Foundation,to support work where there is clear evidence of a sustained beneficial impact on people's lives that are excluded or disadvantaged through low income, rural or social isolation, age, disabilities, race, sexuality or gender. Priority is to be given to small, locally based groups or organisations in areas of disadvantage that have a clear understanding of the needs of their community and are undertaking actions as a means of addressing these needs. This can also include "Communities of Interest" which cover a wider geographical area.

There are still many communities in the UK that suffer from economic and social deprivation and the current economic climate may make this situation worse. This programme aims to empower local people enabling them to create lasting change in their communities. Projects should be run by people directly affected by the issues they are dealing with.

Who can apply?

  • Community Groups
  • Resident Associations
  • Community Centres
  • Social Enterprises/Community Interest Companies
  • Credit Unions


What can be funded?
Your request for funding must be for a specific project. Examples could include:
Community sport activities (available for the first round of funding only)

  • Furniture projects
  • Projects providing access to benefits advice
  • Projects combating fuel poverty
  • Community consultation exercises
  • Community employment projects
  • Food co-ops
  • Running costs; including salaries, core costs and project costs
  • Committee and volunteer/staff training


Closing date for the first round of applications is 31st July 2013.


For full details of the Comic Relief Local Communities Programme and how to apply, please see the document below.