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This Girl Can! New campaign from Sport England to get more Women Active

This Girl Can!

This Girl Can was unveiled at the Women in Sport conference to industry delegates, fronted by Sport England Chief Executive Jennie Price. Delegates included high-profile figures such as Clare Balding and Baroness Campbell.

The campaign aims to tackle the rising gender gap between the number of men and women playing sport. With 75% of 14-40 year-old women in England wanting to exercise more, they took a good look at what's stopping them.

Jennie Price said: "We found out by talking to women of all ages up and down the country that what's stopping them is fear - fear of judgement. Whether that's about how they look, whether they're any good at it, or feeling guilty about spending time on themselves. This Girl Can is a celebration of all the women who are finding their confidence to exercise: it's an attitude, and a call to action for all women to do the same."

This Girl Can

One of the unique features of the campaign is that it's targeted at such a wide age range (14-40) - yet there are common themes throughout. Our insight team has uncovered key issues such as pressure to conform to media images of 'perfect' women, doubting their ability to play sport and family commitments.

This Girl Can will tackle these and a host of other issues to empower women to get out there and have a go. Aside from a huge nationwide ad campaign launching in January, they are also developing a host of useful resources that the entire sector can use.

They want you to join them on this exciting journey - and to spread the message about This Girl Can!

Click here for more information and to find out how you can get involved.

You can also check out their new website and please do follow This Girl Can on Twitter. Remember to use the hashtag #thisgirlcan when Tweeting.