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UK physical activity guidelines - Expert Working Groups

Expert Working Groups

The current UK physical activity guidelines were published by the Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) in 2011 and offer evidence-based recommendations for physical activity related health outcomes for women during pregnancy, under 5s, children and young people aged 6 to 18, adults aged 19 to 64, and older adults aged 65 plus. This review will provide updated practical public health guidelines and the development of potential implementation pathways for all groups, from healthcare to communication professionals. 

Over the next 12 months, six Expert Working Groups (EWGs) will work with key national stakeholders to review the current guidelines and present new recommendations to the four UK CMOs based upon the latest scientific evidence. The EWGs will comprise of UK and international experts in the field, and will reflect on the four age ranges of UK physical activity guidelines (under 5s, children and young people aged 6 to 18, adults aged 19 to 64, and older adults aged 65 plus), plus a new CMO EWG for sedentary behavior across the life course, and a CMO Expert Guidelines Implementation and Surveillance Working Group.   

Each EWG will produce a technical report with recommendations to the UK CMOs for physical activity guidelines for their age ranges. If the recommendations are accepted by the CMOs, the CMO Guidelines Writing Group will then produce the final report with recommendations for updated evidence-informed guidelines.

The Chairs for each working group are as follows:
Under 5s
- Professor John Reilly
Children and young people (ages 6-18 years) - Professor Russ Jago
Adults (ages 19-64 years) - Professor Marie Murphy
Older adults (ages 65+) - Professor Dawn Skelton
Sedentary behaviour - Professor Ashley Cooper
Implementation and surveillance - Professor Nanette Mutrie

All Chairs were involved in the previous EWGs in the 2011 CMO Guidelines. Each EWG will have a maximum of eight members plus the Chair and Dr. Charlie Foster. The evidence review needs of each Expert Working Group will be supported by the Central Review Team.

How to apply to become a member of an Expert Working Group

We recommend that all those considering applying, read the following desirable criteria for the position:

Experience in the scientific process of updating UK physical activity guidelines

Experience of participating in a past or current CMO expert committee for physical activity

• PhD or relevant, equivalent experience

We are keen to appoint Early and Mid-Career members to our EWGs. We define Early Career as up to 5 years post award of PhD, and Mid-Career 5 to 10 years as a postdoc or equivalent.

The role will require considerable time and commitment to reviewing the most recent published evidence across the EWGs. You will be asked to apply your understanding of the epidemiology of physical activity and health; synthesise and critique complex review level evidence; communicate your conclusions on this evidence; and make written contributions to a series of reports during the project.

If you are interested in applying as an EWG member, please complete the Expert Working Group - application form (Office document, 31kB) and email your application, two-page CV and letter of support from your line manager to by 17.00 on Friday 15th December 2017.

Members of the EWG will be then be chosen by a selection panel, headed by Dr. Charlie Foster, plus representatives from each of the four UK nations, EWG Chairs and government.