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Vote Smash Up! for National Lottery Awards

Vote Smash Up!

The world of badminton is asked to show support for young people and 'vote Smash Up!'

Smash Up! is taking schools by storm and getting thousands of non-sporty pupils to swing a racket. And now it is nominated for the National Lottery Awards.

SmashUp! offers different high energy, interactive court activities - with the emphasis on fun and the social benefits of sport - meaning even young people who may not traditionally enjoy PE lessons are getting involved.

With in-session music, court branding, no dress code and no formal coaching, SmashUp! sessions are fully inclusive so all young people get active.

Young people love it because it is designed especially for them. Schools love it because it is new, well organised and supported and can be enjoyed by students of all ages and abilities. Teachers love it because BADMINTON England has trained hundreds of local SmashUp! activators to work with PE departments in local schools to lead sessions and bring Olympic legacy to life in sports halls.

Smash Up! brings badminton and being active to a new generation. Please support young people and VOTE Smash Up! in the National Lottery Awards.

It's quick and easy just click here.

Thank you from the thousands of young people enjoying Smash Up! badminton.