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Weigh to go! With Truro and Penwith College

Truro & Penwith College

The Health Wellbeing and Sport and Personnel teams at Truro and Penwith College have been working hard since the New Year to support staff into a healthier 2015 by setting up WEIGH-TO-GO, their very own weight management group.

Interested members of staff signed up in early January. Alongside the wide range of active sessions already available to them for free as part of the Health Wellbeing and Sport programme, participants were given access to free online weight management tools and the chance to have weekly weigh-ins. This enables them to keep track of their progress and supports them in working towards their targets of losing those excess pounds and inches.

In total 18 participants signed up, male and female, across varying age ranges and all are achieving in one way or another. By week six, the total weight loss of the group is 4.5 stone and waist measurement losses totalled 24 inches!

Health Wellbeing and Sport is also working with the HE Sport department and their students to offer College staff free health screenings. During a 20 minute appointment, staff can receive health information such as weight, BMI,
blood pressure and the one which many find most interesting... their 'metabolic age!' So far, 11 members of staff have been seen and another 15 are booked in for forthcoming appointments.

It is no shock to anyone that healthier, fitter individuals are often happier in themselves. Truro and Penwith College recognises this and is supporting Health Wellbeing and Sport with their active sessions and Staff Wellbeing and Sustainability to try and give staff the best opportunities to maintain this healthier lifestyle and have some fun at the same time!