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Winter Olympics boosts numeracy skills

Winter Olympics boosts numeracy skills

SkillsActive continues its drive to improve the literacy and numeracy skills in the active leisure, learning and well-being sector by launching an online Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games quiz.

As part of SkillsActive’s work to promote numeracy skills, it is running a Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games quiz. On each day of the Games it will feature a new numeracy question focused on the Winter Olympic sports.

Stephen Studd, CEO of SkillsActive says: “Using the Olympic and Paralympic contexts for learning literacy and numeracy skills is a unique and timely opportunity. It’s a great way to engage people to learn in the context of the Games. I would encourage our employers to use the quiz to promote numeracy skills in their organisations as they are integral to all workforce development plans.”

Seventy five per cent of the adult population (16-65) in England have numeracy skills below level 2 (GCSE grades A*-C). People with good maths and English skills are more likely to be in employment and half of all jobs are closed to people with skills below level 1 (GCSE grades D to G). The government has set a target for 95% of adults to achieve a level of functional numeracy skills by 2020 in the UK.

All questions are multiple choice and based on true facts on past and present Games.

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