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Your club and Sainsbury's Active Kids 2011 - the perfect match

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What a great start! Over 900 Clubmark accredited sports clubs registered for Active Kids 2010 last year and benefited from over £123,000 worth of equipment.

Active Kids 2011 is under starter's orders and with your help we can get even more young people to enjoy being active.

 How does Active Kids work?

Active Kids runs from 9 February - 31 May 2011. You can collect 1 Active Kids voucher for every £10 spent instore, at petrol stations or when you buy groceries online (£5 in Locals). Nectar points can be turned into vouchers too. See the Active Kids website for more details.

Why register your club for Active Kids?

If you haven't already registered, there has never been a better time - just remember, that you need to have a current Clubmark accreditation to be able to register. Here is just a taste of what you can expect in 2011:

New, updated equipment range to ensure the specific needs of sports clubs are catered for.
Introduction of new swimming equipment.
More programmes to help young people of all abilities get active.
More Ambassadors! We've got two this time - Ellie Simmonds and Jodie Williams.
If your club is already registered for Active Kids, there is no need to re-register. You will automatically receive your welcome pack full of everything you need to make Active Kids 2011 even better than last year - including:

Active Kids 2011 catalogue. There are loads of exciting NEW products this year so make sure you take a look. 
Voucher collection box. Make sure everyone can see this so that you get as many vouchers as possible.
Don't miss out - register now!

Simply visit or call to 0844 415 8440 to find out more and for details on how to register your club.