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Get Active Challenge

Get Active Challenge

The 2017 Get Active Challenge targeted inactive people, taking part in less than 30 minutes of physical activity per week.

The challenge aimed to engage teams from a wide variety of workplaces and community groups across Cornwall. Teams were made up of 3 participants with a focus on inactive individuals as the primary target audience, however all participants were eligible to take part in the challenge programme.

The challenge is based around the Get Active Cornwall website ( The website is a tool for participants to log any activity that they take part in over the 6 week duration of the challenge. Activities are recorded either through time taken or steps recorded, which is then converted into distance (miles) then plotted on a virtual coastline map of Cornwall. Weekly communications through an e-newsletter highlighted opportunities from local activity providers and motivational ideas to be more active.

Get Active Challenge

Participants completed a pre and post Challenge questionnaire to demonstrate if their activity levels had changed. They were also asked to complete a COM-B questionnaire to identify if the Challenge helped change their Behaviour to feel Capable, had the Opportunity and were Motivated to be more active.

The 2017 Get Active Challenge ran for 6 weeks from Monday 11th September to 23rd October. In total, 182 teams signed up on the website with 133 teams recording activities on the leader boards from 58 different organisations.


A full report on the 2017 Get Active Challenge can be found below.