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Working Together - Sharing Good Practice


Safeguarding Children is everyone’s responsibility; child abuse is only a small part of the safeguarding agenda and children have the right to enjoy sport free from abuse or poor practice.

Good practice ensures that anybody involved in sport and active recreation is able to recognise abuse, and respond appropriately by
reporting their concerns; this does not mean that coaches are responsible for making decisions about whether abuse or poor practice has happened.

There should be clear guidelines on what is acceptable and not acceptable behaviour within the organisation’s setting. These should be made available to young people, coaches, parents and helpers. Involving children in developing their own codes of behaviour means they are more likely to respect and follow them.

Clubs affiliated to their Sports National Governing Body, should look to adopt the relevant Child Protection/Safeguarding procedures and guidelines. This ‘Working Together, Sharing Good Practice’ document may also be used to support good practice within the county.