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Exercise Movement & Dance

EMDP is the Sport England lead National Governing Body (NGB) for exercise, movement and dance. It is a not for profit organisation dedicated to the development of exercise, movement and dance provision throughout England and the U.K. EMDP's vision is to have 'More people enjoying health and well-being through exercise, movement and dance - for life'.

EMDP is an umbrella body for exercise, movement and dance (EMD). It works with EMD organisations to develop their specific individual disciplines and carries out developments across the whole of EMD in regards to partnership working, quality assurance and teacher and participant satisfaction and growth.

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Participation Opportunities

EMDP member organisations have regular classes and events taking place in Cornwall that are open to EMD Teachers, participants and interested members of the public. Activities on offer vary between month and season but range from regular dance classes, to opportunities to learn to teach movement and dance. These member organisation experiences offer great ways to keep fit, be social and have fun at the same time! Details of local events in Cornwall can be found at

Information on where you can get involved in Exercise Movement & Dance can be found using the Dance Champions Directory.

The Dance Champions website creates a one-stop shop window for dance providers and the general public, signposting people to a whole host of dance opportunities in their local area.

Teacher Training

EMDP offers a variety of accredited movement and dance training courses which will equip students to teach adults, children and young people, older adults and chair based classes. EMDP also works with other movement and dance disciplines to offer a wider variety of training courses.

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Level 3 (CYQ) Certificate in Exercise Movement and Dance

The Level 3 (CYQ) Certificate in Exercise Movement and Dance is nationally recognised and is delivered through a mixture of teaching methods including class observation, online and teacher based modules. The course has an interactive and practical focus which is orientated around like-minded individuals.

This qualification has been specifically designed to provide comprehensive training for those who want to offer an alternative to gym and studio-based exercise and fitness programmes. It is ideal for those who are already involved in the exercise and fitness sector and also those new to the sector and who have a passion for helping others to lead a more active lifestyle.

Partnership Opportunities

EMDP works in partnership with national, regional and local structures, and links in with sport, fitness and arts organisations in order to develop movement and dance opportunities.

EMDP are also working in partnership to create a national quality assurance stamp for movement and dance teachers, and we will be providing more information over the next few months.

Contact EMDP

If you require further information regarding local events and opportunities available through EMDP please contact the EMDP office on 01403 266000 or and we will happy to provide you with the contact details of the relevant local volunteer or partner.

Emily Williams
Regional Development Officer
Tel: 01403 266000

General Enquiries
EMDP Administration Team
Tel: 01403 266000

EMDP Training Team
Tel: 01403 266000

Jade Moulden
National Delivery Manager
Tel: 01403 266000

Laura Robinson
National Delivery Officer/London
Dare2Dance Project Co-ordinator
Tel: 01403 266000



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