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Sport Unlimited


The Sport Unlimited (SU) programme was an integral part of the Government's PE and Sport Strategy for Young People. Aiming to provide young people with five hours of sport and physical activity per week ('Five Hour Offer').

The Cornwall Sports Partnership's SU programme, which started in September 2008 and finished in March 2011, provided a range of sporting activities for young people from the 'semi sporty population segment' to take part in sport out of school hours in term time.

The Year One programme operated from September 2008 to March 2009 and Year Two commenced in April 2009, with overall leadership and strategic co-ordination of the SU programme being provided by the Cornwall Sports Partnership Core Team.

The SU programme was particularly targeted at the age groups that evidence shows are more likely to drop out of sport and physical activity - those aged 10-12 (the transition from KS2 to KS3) and those aged 14-19. Addressing the barriers to participation was particularly important and these included:

  • Embarrassment and self consciousness
  • Other interests and social rather than sporting events
  • Peer pressure
  • Time pressures: paid and academic work taking priority