the Cornwall School Games

Find out more about what’s happening in the four School Games areas or get in touch with your local School Games Organiser to see how your school can be involved in the Cornwall School Games.

What is the School Games?

The School Games, which is funded by Sport England and delivered by the Youth Sport Trust, is a government led programme designed to deliver competitive school sport to those young people who currently do not get to represent their school in sports and who would benefit from these opportunities the most.

A network of School Games Organisers (SGOs) and Local Organising Committees (LOCs) have worked alongside the Youth Sport Trust in delivering this program of competition since the Games’ inception in 2010.

This network currently services in excess of 16,000 registered schools who compete across School Games’ competitions.

In Cornwall, we will use the School Games as a vehicle to help more young people be physically active who, currently, do not engage with physical activity. We will also target the program at young people who have barriers to accessing physical activity to engage those most at risk of being inactive.


How It Works

Keeping competitive sport at the heart of schools and providing inactive young people with the opportunity to compete and achieve their personal best.

  1. Games Days – which consist of various levels of competition including: Intra school activities, local inter school activities, cluster activities, local area activities and county activities
  2. Festivals 

    An intra-school competition is a sporting activity taking place between pupils who attend the same school. For example, this can be in the form of an inter-class or house activity. These competitions should culminate in an annual School Games Day, or Sports Day, to celebrate a school’s sporting success.

    A local inter-school competition is a sporting activity taking place between schools from the same area – either as a one-off fixture or as part of a league. These competitions may act as qualifiers for county finals or can be run as developmental competitions or festival events to meet the needs of a local area.

    A county final is a showcase event held either as the culmination of a series of local inter-school competitions.

    A festival is a more informal style activity where participants will get some coaching in various games to help them build confidence in their abilities. These events will be centred around creating positive experiences for participants.

    The School Games, which were piloted in 2011 in Cornwall, saw more 1,000 students from 32 schools compete in a number of sporting events, the School Games now takes place in all counties across the country.

    The Cornwall School Games (CSG) continues to grow each year here in Cornwall with approximately 20,000 Cornish primary and secondary students from 200 Cornish schools being part of the Cornwall School Games each year.

    As the program has developed over the years, as does the children and young people we engage. We are now working towards targeting more inactive children and young people to engage them in the CSG. Specifically, we want the CSG to engage those who find it most challenging to access physical activity and school sport competition. 

    The School Games Mark is a Government led award scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. Registered schools can apply annually through a short application form which will be marked by their local School Games Organiser (SGO). Their application will be graded as either bronze, silver, or gold. Those schools which consistently achieve the gold award will also be offered the opportunity to upgrade this to platinum.

    Give Feedback

    The Cornwall School Games team want to constantly improve the program for the children and young people we engage as well as for teachers who help support this program. Please let us know if you think something is working well, or if there is anything you think should be different.