The Story of our Journey 2021 - 2022

This has been a year like no other where physical activity has been playing its part in tackling the impact of the pandemic and helping Cornwall to recover.

Together, with you, we have been building back better to support those people who have experienced some of the greatest challenges. By working in partnership with communities and trusted local organisations, building on what works and ensuring they have what they need, thousands of people have been helped to return to activity.

Alongside this, we have seen a significant injection of investment into physical activity from national and local sources, a change in leadership and hosting arrangements at Active Cornwall and the introduction of ‘Uniting the Movement’ a new long-term strategy with a revised future role for Active Partnerships…phew!

We’d like to take a moment to share with you some of the outstanding value delivered by our partners this year

Highlighting the value we have created together...

Building Capacity

Children who are more active are happier, more resilient and more trusting of others. They are also more likely to achieve higher attainment levels and be of a healthy weight. While the current system works for many children, it doesn’t work for everyone. Some don’t have the same opportunities to be active, so they deserve extra support.

The Healthy Movers programme has been
targeted at supporting children aged 3, 4
and 5 within early years settings within
17 neighbourhoods of high areas of
deprivation across Cornwall. The aim is to
ensure the gap in early years development
is addressed through physical literacy and
children that need it most can start or return
to play, and are more prepared to start
compulsory school.

Download the Physical Literacy in Early Years Summary

Visit the Healthy Movers web pages.

The intention of the programme was to build the skills, knowledge and networks of up to 10 social entrepreneurs in Cornwall working in the physical activity space so they can increase their impact and become more sustainable.

Download the SSE Summary

Joining Forces

Through the programme we support the ‘triple inequalities’ that are experienced by more than 15,000 young people in Cornwall during main school holidays: 

  • Poor diet 
  • Low levels of physical activity
  • High levels of social isolation

Download T2M Holiday Programme Summary

Visit the T2M Holiday Programme web pages

Coming soon

The Tackling Inequalities (TF) Funding [now called Together Fund] in Cornwall aimed to support people from Lower Socio-Economic Groups (LSEG) and those with Long Term Health Conditions (LTC) in target communities to increase physical activity levels. We did this by working with social prescribers and other organisations. 

Download Together Fund-UPDATED Summary

Visit the Together Fund web pages

The Better Years programme was designed to tackle issues such as loneliness, isolation, lack of confidence, financial constraints, and reduction in the amount of physical activity opportunities faced by some older adults in Cornwall.

Download the Better Years Summary


The programme was designed to support new mums who were less likely to engage in physical activity post-partum, effecting their mental, emotional and physical health. We supported through:

  1. Training
  2. Digital signposting
  3. Networking

Download the Supporting New Families-UPDATED Summary

Visit the Early Years and Families web pages

The Live Longer Better in Cornwall programme has three key aims to support those aged over 50 with their health and wellbeing.

Download the Live Longer Better Summary

Visit the Live Longer Better web pages

The Active Partnership network collectively shapes a yearly partner survey to gather data and insight into our relationship with partners over the last 12 months. 

We sent our survey out to 70 key partners across Cornwall, to gather their thought on our work and how we could improve. 

Download the 2021 Key Partner Survey  Summary

Looking forward

We are really focusing on the transformation of our operation to better support the priorities identified by Cornwall and to deliver enhanced support for all our system partners. Top notch leadership and governance will provide the foundation for our new role as the leading advocate for physical activity and the catalyst for change in the systems that lead to specific inequalities. We will be joining forces on the big issues across education, health, communities and active environments to help deliver vibrant, safe, supportive communities and ensure that Cornwall is a brilliant place to be a child and grow up.

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