Early Years and Families

Every child has the right to play and to benefit from an active lifestyle in a safe, positive and trusted environment, and to have an equal chance to achieve their potential.

If children have experiences that feel fun, positive and give them a sense of confidence, they’re more likely to want to be active in the future.

Children who are more active are happier, more resilient and more trusting of others, but over half of children in Cornwall are not active enough to enjoy these benefits. Some don’t have the same opportunities to be active, and so we want to help support a change that gives these children the same opportunities as others.  

This is particularly true for girls, disabled young people, young people with long-term health conditions, those from less affluent families and youngsters from Black and Asian backgrounds. Current inequalities unfortunately start from a young age and therefore need to be addressed at a young age.

Studies show that women, in general, do less physical activity than men and this drops significantly further once they become a mum. Young children with active parents, specifically the mum, are twice as likely to be active themselves. 

This is why we want to work with key partners across Cornwall to support new mums, Early Years and Foundation Stage and families to be active.

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Active for Life Posters

Active for Life is a Canadian national initiative created to help parents raise physically literate children. At activeforlife.com, parents, educators, and coaches will find fun activities, engaging articles, and free resources to get kids active, healthy, and happy.

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