Park Play

We have been working with Park Play, Healthy Cornwall and local town councils and partners to bring free fun and games for all to Cornwall. 

ParkPlay is an event where people #MeetMovePlay together with others in their local community. Everyone is welcome – ParkPlay is a completely free event and it’s perfect for adults and children alike. It’s fun and varied and offers a range of games and activities, like dodgeball, frisbee, scavenger hunts, quick cricket and many more. ParkPlay gives local people the opportunity to be active with others in a fun, informal and safe environment. 

PlayLeaders are the driving force behind ParkPlay in the local area. They promote ParkPlay locally and lead the sessions on a Saturday morning. This can be one person, or preferably, a group of people. This role doesn’t require any specific qualifications, just the skills to lead sessions and inspire people to be take part. 

If you think your community would benefit from a local Park Play, hosted at any suitable open space (school fields, local park, beach, community hall playing field) then visit the Park Play website to find out more. 


Treverbyn, St Austell

ParkPlay has been running in Treverbyn, near St Austell since Easter 2021 in collaboration with Treverbyn Community Hall and Treverbyn Academy. It is hosted on the school playground and fields. 

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