At Active Cornwall, we want to make sure children and young people in Cornwall get the best start to life so they can grow up to be healthy and happy. To do this, we work closely with key partners within the education sector to make physical activity, sport and physical education, a priority. As well as the obvious health benefits of physical activity, like maintaining a healthy weight, reducing the risk of non-communicable diseases and making us more able to move better for longer, it also has many wider benefits – especially for children and young people. 

Research shows how being active can have positive effects on attainment, attendance and behaviour in school. It is also an effective tool to support young people develop social skills like sharing, turn taking and communication which are highly transferrable and necessary for building friendships and fostering healthy relationships. 

In this section of the website, you will be able to find information on how we work within education. There are opportunities for you to engage with, resources to improve the offer within your setting as well as good practice example we share to help support you.