Time2Move Framework

a whole-school approach to PE, School Sport and Physical Activity

The T2M framework has been written to support all schools and key partners within the education system to develop a whole-school approach to PE, School Sport and Physical Activity as well as making sure children and young people are meeting these three key criteria:

Meet the minimum statutory guidelines for swimming

Meet the Chief Medical Officer Guidelines of an average of 60 minutes of activity per day

Improve social, emotional and mental wellbeing among children and young people

What's The Theory?

8 principles - click to enlarge

The T2M Framework is based on the theory from a key piece of research created by Public Health England and The Youth Sport Trust called “what works in schools and colleges to increase physical activity?”

This research discusses a whole school approach to increasing physical activity through 8 key principles (see diagram to the left). 

The T2M framework uses these 8 principles to help guide your planning of the PE curriculum, spend of the Primary Sport Premium, school sport offer, physical activity interventions you use in your setting as well as helping understand areas to improve.

Creating Active Schools Framework - click to enlarge

The T2M Framework also incorporates the theory from another key piece of research titled Creating Active Schools, pioneered by Active Bradford. 

This research was co-designed by 50 experts in health and education, supporting schools to embed physical activity in policies, systems, behaviours and environments, so that it becomes everyone’s responsibility; from pupils, to staff, parents and governor.

This framework supports our approach to systemic working: to actively influence each part of the education and school system around a child to remove barriers and create opportunities. 

Why Will It Be Useful To Me?

The T2M self review tool is an interactive planning document that will support you in building a well rounded PE, SS & PA offer within your school as well as highlighting potential areas of improvement, and giving you ideas of how to implement new practices to enhance your current offer. The log in area also allows you to upload key documents, such as your Active Lives Survey results or your Healthy Schools Information, so you can have everything in once place in rel;ation to physical activity.

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