Information for Community Providers and Schools

Summer activity provider applications open

Want to work with us to engage children and families that need the support over the holidays?
If so we want to work with you to offer sustainable provision encouraging children to be physically active, help them eat more healthy and have fun with current and new friends.
If you've joined us previously and wish to work with us again please make sure you get in touch - if you’re a new provider, with access to a village hall, community centre, open space, school or leisure centre and can provide a meal as part of the delivery, we also want to hear from you.

Provider Resources

Healthy Cornwall has set up support info, along with practical resources to help you deliver sessions in the most effective way.
There’s information about portion sizes, School Foods Standards, sugar and salt intake and much more. 

SEND procedures for providers

downs userWe’ve updated our procedures relating to SEND provision for the T2M Holiday Programme. 

Please see details below:

  • The parent/carer will book their child onto the programme using Playwaze, this is where they will select if their child is registered SEND or not.
  • The T2M team picks this information up and sends it to Parent Carers Cornwall (PCC), which will call the families, to gather further information as to what support is required.
  • PCC will then share this information with you as a provider.
  • If providers feel they require extra staff to support this child, they can complete the request form through the following link
  • The T2M team will send this to our partner agencies that will source 1:1 support for the child who requires it.
  • The agency or T2M team will then be in touch with you the provider to let you know that the extra support has been arranged

Community providers and schools play a significant role in this programme.

We need your support to put on activities and clubs for young people to attend, as well as offering healthy meals.

The sessions help to create stronger local communities and support families who need it most. 

If you’d like to be a part of the programme email us today at

Click the link below to read more on the difference community providers and schools made in 2021.

Watch our videos on the Time2Move Holiday Programme and be inspired!

We want to offer this programme to as many young people as possible. Therefore we need to continually grow our support until every child on Free School Meals is able to take part.

To do this we need more providers in the areas that we have not been able to reach so far. We need you!

Working with education
This video is aimed at schools, school leaders and community providers about the benefits of being part of the programme and the benefits of running and hosting activities on school sites
Watch now
Christmas Holidays 2021
Watch our video on the Christmas activities put on last year.
Watch now
Summer Holidays 2021
More than 10,000 people attend sessions across Cornwall which allowed all young people to socialise together in the summer holidays, have a healthy meal and enjoy some fun activities.
watch now

Provider Opportunities:

We are keen to hear from community providers willing to engage with us to offer opportunities for connection, exploration and celebration through physical activity and food that is interconnected with your local community.

These approaches are:

  1. Targeted approach to commission local providers to deliver high quality provision during these holiday periods.
  2. Open application process for providers to engage in the programme and delivery activity – this will target certain localities where we know we have identified need (high numbers of children eligible for free school meals) and no commissioned delivery.

If you are a village hall, community centre, school, leisure centre or have access to any of these and can deliver four hours of activity (including a meal) then we want to hear from you!