Commonwealth Games come to England in 2022

This is the year the Commonwealth Games come to England! Here at Active Cornwall, we are starting to feel the buzz and excitement for this momentous event to be hosted here, in this country, and hope it will inspire more people to get more active and maybe even try a new sport.

Megan Hilley has written a blog for this month’s bulletin on the Games.

This summer, between 28th July – 8th August, 19 different sports competitions will take place across 14 venues in Birmingham engaging athletes from across the 72 Commonwealth countries. On top of the many various sports and scores of competitors to be involved, this will be the first ever Commonwealth Games to give out more medals to female competitors than male. It will also be the first carbon neutral Games.

And as we start to build towards the Games in Birmingham, the Cornwall School Games team are working to create a legacy here in Cornwall to celebrate how sport can bring people together, inspire people to be more active and create change in our communities for the better.

Work with secondary schools across Cornwall will begin next month to deliver some leadership training for those year 7 & 8 pupils, who have been affected most by the pandemic and missed out on their transition into secondary school. This training will aim to help young people feel more confident and competent in themselves through developing their leadership skills and learning about what it means to be a Commonwealth Games Changemaker in their school.

There will also be a county wide Cornish Baton Relay where young people will have the opportunity to create artwork that represents their local areas and what the CWG legacy means to them. Working with local artists, we hope to be able to showcase young people’s work in an exhibition event to celebrate the talent and creativity we have in Cornwall.

The artwork from schools produced in each of the Cornwall School Games areas, of which there are four, will be put onto a piece of a baton and joined together to create one, Cornish baton to be brought to the Cornwall School games festival on 1st July at Poltair school.

These opportunities will enhance the current Cornwall School Games offer, which aims to engage children and young people who don’t normally get the chance to represent their schools and compete in school sports competitions. We endeavour to reframe competition to make it friendly, inviting and pitched at the right level for those young people we want to see come along to the events, so they have positive experiences of sport and physical activity, and therefore it becomes a lifelong pursuit.

Schools can access the Cornwall School Games programmes to see what’s on offer and get in touch with to get involved!

To start building the excitement in schools around the CWG, there are some resources teachers can access to start the conversation and see what pupils know about the Games. The Youth Sport Trust have created an assembly for teachers to deliver as well as some National Virtual Challenges themed around the CWG Values of Humanity, Equality and Diversity.

You can view these resources on the CWG pages of the Active Cornwall website. With enough social media hash tagging, you might even be in with a chance to win some prizes each month!

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