Cornwall School Games Online Student Takeover

The Cornwall School Games is live from Poltair School in St Austell, today, July 1, 2022.

Students are taking over Active Cornwall’s online channels, reporting live from the event.

Here’s their first blog!

This is a massive event with around 2,500 students and around 50 schools taking part. Activities include tri-golf, cricket, softball, rounders, dance, rugby and more.

The games kicked off with a dance and presentation with Yazmyn and Josh (students from Poltair) and two keen mascots, Twinkle and Chuffy!

Yazmyn said: “It’s a good opportunity and a great event to be a part of.”

When asked about the start of the day, teacher Miss Freight, said: “It was a perfect way to start!” Many people highlighted the importance of the games by saying it builds a ‘sense of community’ and that after Covid ‘it’s important to get out’.

Miss Owen exclaimed: “I’m really looking forward to seeing all the different schools competing, I’m proud to be team Poltair.”

An extra special guest, local MP Steve Double, said: “I think sport has so much to offer whatever the physical ability. It prepares you for so many aspects of life.”

Yazmyn said that “It’s a good opportunity and a great event to be a part of” and that she was excited to be “representing the school.”

It’s currently raining but nothing will stop us from doing the games! We do hope for sunshine later in the day.

Mr Bidgood, PE teacher at Penryn School, said he loved the entrance and the music to the games. ‘’Only just got here’’ and ‘’like the entrance & music’’.

Daisy from Brunel Primary School is competing in bowls – which one of her teammates said is ‘’basically, bowling but on the green’’.

Jake from Camborne School said he’s hoping for medals and is excited for softball. 

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