CSG – student update

After this morning’s inspiring opening ceremony, 2,500 competitors, aged 5 to 15,  are vying for gold across all manner of sports, from bowls to gymnastics. We spoke to three teachers who were running events:

Gymnastics, based in the main hall, has four schools competing. Miss Milward said: “Competitors are scored separately based on the quality of their routines.” The results are then accumulated to announce a winning team.

We interviewed Mr Thompson, who was mediating dodgeball. He said “It operates on a ‘last-man-standing’ basis. It requires agility, quick reflexes, and good aim. Good luck to all teams competing!”

Mr Pyle filled us in on Tri Golf. “There are 7 teams competing across 8 activities, involving key golfing skills, such as putting and chipping. Points are awarded based on technique.”

Good luck to all teams and we hope you continue to demonstrate the seven values of the Cornwall School Games and enjoy being active!


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