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Being pregnant and having a baby is a huge transition in life that, unsurprisingly, makes being active even more of a challenge for many. A recent study by This Girl Can found that 74% of pregnant women and people, and new mothers would be reassured to become or stay active if they received advice or encouragement from a healthcare professional. But 33% of midwives and health visitors, from the 393 questioned, rarely or never spoke about or gave advice on getting active to pregnant women and people, with 27% rarely or never giving advice. (This Girl Can 2020)

Being active during pregnancy and beyond brings with it a host of physical and mental benefits, including a reduction in hypertensive disorders, lower gestational weight gain, a reduction in the risk of developing gestational diabetes, and a reduction in depression, improved emotional wellbeing and a quicker return to pre-pregnancy weight in the postpartum period.

However, many healthcare professionals don’t regularly have conversations about physical activity with this population group.

As such we are supporting new parents in Cornwall through:

  • Actively supporting and promoting the This Girl Can campaign Active Mums Starts with You. This campaign has been developed by Moving Medicine, This Girl Can and The Active Pregnancy Foundation to provide a suite of the most useful training and resources, based on feedback from GPs, midwives and health visitors, to arm healthcare professionals with the knowledge and confidence to proactively hold these conversations. 
  • Creating a local network of professionals from the healthcare, local government, charity, fitness and leisure industry to share best practice, ideas and work together to support new mums with physical recovery and activity. 
  • Delivering and promoting training to key partners who work directly with new parents in their pre and post natal period.

Key Training Opportunities:

  • In collaboration with Public Health England and Health Education England, the This Mum Moves project have developed a free e-learning module as part of the Physical Activity and Health programme. The Active Pregnancy Foundation has endorsed this module. The module raises awareness of the current national physical activity guidelines for pregnant and postnatal women and takes around 30 – 60 minutes to work through. At the end, you’ll also be rewarded with a certificate of completion.
  • Active Cornwall has developed a free virtual learning session: The Importance of Physical Activity for New Families. The session is delivered via Teams and supports professionals with knowledge, skills and resources to champion movement with new families. It takes approximately 3 hours and can be requested by emailing 
  • This Mum Moves Ambassador Training – coming soon.

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