Time 2 Move Framework: a whole-school approach to PE, School Sport and Physical Activity


This Framework has been written to support all schools and key partners to develop a whole-school approach to PE, School Sport and Physical Activity

It has also been designed to support schools in enabling children and young people to:

By achieving the above, all schools in Cornwall will be able to demonstrate sustainable impact on the outcomes of their students, which should also include improved educational attainment, attendance, and behaviour.

By having a consistent approach across the County, it helps ensure all children, regardless of where they live in Cornwall or what school they attend, are being offered similar opportunities and can reach similar outcomes. It can help all partners with a contribution towards PE, School Sport and Physical Activity to align resources, prioritise financial needs, communicate collective aims and work together towards the same goal. 

Local and National Guidance and Strategies

This Framework has been written in line with the below local and national guidelines and strategies:

  • Education Strategy for Cornwall
  • Cornwall Physical Activity Strategy
  • Cornwall Council’s Climate Action Plan
  • Sport England Strategy: Sporting Future
  • Government Primary PE and Sport Premium Guidelines
  • Government PE National Curriculum
  • Government School Sport and Activity Action Plan
  • Government SEND Code of Practice
  • Government Guidelines for Healthy Relationships and Sex Education
  • Chief Medical Officer Guidelines for children and young people
  • Ofsted Education Inspection Framework

Physical Education (PE) = the planned, progressive learning that takes places in school curriculum timetabled time and which is delivered to students. This includes learning to move (physical literacy) and moving to learn (learning a range of skills through movement). The context for this learning is through a range of physical activities, including sport. 

School Sport = the structured learning that takes place beyond the curriculum, within the school setting such after-school clubs. The context is learning through physical activity. It can enhance and broaden the learning from the curriculum and provide community links.  

Physical Activity = a broad term referring to bodily movement that uses energy. It includes all forms of physical education, sports, dance and activities. It includes indoor and outdoor play, work-related activities, adventure activities, active travel plus general activities such as gardening and housework. 

[Definitions taken from the Association of PE]

PE, School Sport and Physical Activity is central to developing skills, building confidence and reinforcing messages concerning the health benefits of an active lifestyle. It also has enormous potential to deliver on wider benefits to the young person as well as improvements to the whole school. 

For many young people, involvement in sport and physical activity enables them to develop and discover their interests outside of an academic subject. It builds healthy habits that can set them up for a physically and mentally well future. It can help build character by supporting the development of emotional resilience, confidence, independence as well as raising ambition and aspiration. In addition, it develops transferable skills valued by employers such as communication, observation, analysis, leadership and teamwork.

PE, School Sport and Physical Activity can provide engaging opportunities for pupils to explore topics and apply learning in other subjects. It can help to build rapport and develop respect between staff and students with the capacity to make a positive impact on behaviour, concentration, attendance and attainment particularly with those who are disaffected or disengaged.

8 principles for implementation

The Framework has been designed around the 8 principles that work in schools and colleges to increase physical activity. For primary schools, it also incorporates the five indicators required for Primary PE and Sport Premium.

Primary Sport Premium

This review and action planning toolkit is designed to complement your reporting requirements for the Primary PE and Sport Premium, as well as the Active Lives Survey from Sport England.

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