#meetmoveplay – impact year 1

ParkPlay started as an idea in 2018 to encourage everyone to be a little more active, bring communities together and experience the life-changing power of play. Since then, with the support of they’re partners (including Active Cornwall) and despite the pandemic, they’ve launched 32 ParkPlays across the country and grown the number of participants to more than 3,000. But this is just the start and they have a clear plan to expand rapidly into new regions and communities.

ParkPlay aims to:

  • Together build happier, healthier communities
  • Launch 450 ParkPlays by 2026
  • Maintain the premise of a 2 hour community event with brilliant, fun, varied activity every Saturday morning where we #MeetMovePlay
  • Always be free, fun and for everyone, in all communities, for people not engaged in sport and activity
  • Delivered for and by the community, enabled and supported by ParkPlay

ParkPlay has learned:

  • Every opportunity is a chance to make ParkPlay safer for everyone
  • Every session should be a chance to #meetmoveplay
  • They’re digital experience must be as brilliant as their park experience
  • Growing sessions in a few key regions will enable them to support more effectively
  • The first welcome players have at a ParkPlay will determine whether they return
  • ParkPlay’s diversity, settings and people, are key to showing people that ParkPlay is for everyone
  • It is about helping people to build happier, healthier communities for themselves
  • PlayLeaders need to be from their community to make it a success

Read the ParkPlay Impact Report

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