Play Leaders for Penzance, Pool and Par

Park Play – Free fun & games for all: Make friends, have fun & move more for FREE every Saturday morning!

A PlayLeader is the person who takes responsibility for making a ParkPlay happen in their local park, week in, week out. That doesn’t mean being in the park 52 weeks a year, but it does mean stepping up and making sure everything is in place for ParkPlay to happen on a Saturday morning.

Park Play group

A PlayLeader is the person that represents ParkPlay in a local park. They wear the ParkPlay jacket, give ParkPlayers a warm welcome, keep everyone safe, brief the team and bring the buzz to a Saturday morning of play. They are the person that takes the lead, inspires people to play their way and facilitates the space for them to do just that!

They are also the one that checks in with regular ParkPlayers, spotting the child that needs a special mission to capture their playful imagination, doing a quick litter pick of the park and serving hot chocolates to ParkPlayers on a chilly January morning after some great play.

Park Play is looking for Play Leaders in Penzance (Princess May), Pool (Heartlands) and Par (Par Track).


For more information contact Abbie at

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