Safeguarding is everyone’s business

We are pleased to announce the publication of our latest Safeguarding Policy. It has been developed, primarily, to guide Active Cornwall staff work and processes to create a safer environment for all.

But it is so much more than that.

Our policy aims to be a new staff induction resource, a go-to bank of guidance/advice and an example of best practice that other organisations across Cornwall can adopt. It has been approved by our Advisory Board and is just one tool in our safeguarding toolbox.

Safeguarding in sport and physical activity is about protecting children and adults from harm, abuse, harassment, bullying and neglect. Everyone has a role to play in keeping others safe and should know what to do if they have any concerns. Prevention is key. And it’s everyone’s business.

Read or download our Active Cornwall Safeguarding Policy

Our Policy has been written in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. The United Nations convention on the Rights of the Child
  2. Working Together to Safeguard Children
  3. Keeping Children in Safe in Education
  4. Child Protection in Sport Safeguarding Standards
  5. Cornwall Council Safeguarding Policy

It should be recognised that Active Cornwall is hosted by Cornwall Council, which policies and procedures underpin and align with this document. This policy forms part of the terms and conditions of service. It applies to all working activities whether paid or unpaid as an employee, management representative, volunteer or otherwise of Active Cornwall

If you would like to use our policy as a template for developing your own, please email

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