Could you give groups a Sported chance?

Sported is the leading UK charity supporting ‘sport for development’. They provide business support and financial resources to community sport organisations; enabling them to reach and improve the lives of more disadvantaged young people than ever before.

Sported is looking for volunteers to support its members towards a stronger and more sustainable future. With your skills and expertise they can become more confident in the business areas of their work, like financial planning and marketing, operate more efficiently and effectively behind the scenes and survive in challenging circumstances to work with young people for years to come.

Sported is looking for volunteers from a range of sectors, if you have experience in sports, business or fundraising then this could be a role for you. Our volunteer work with a Sported Member varies in duration but is usually 3 – 6 months. General themes for our volunteers:
• Mentor and motivate a group towards sustainability
• Help them to identify their goals and their strategy for achieving them
• Support them to produce a budget and a plan for raising the income
• Support Members or other volunteers in your area of expertise

 Find out how to join the team at  or contact Hannah Colston, South West Regional Manager at

Further information on Sported can be found here

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