Sported Volunteers

Sported is the UK’s largest network of community grassroots sports groups supporting half a million young people to overcome barriers to reach their full potential. Sported members are led by an incredible group of passionate and dedicated people who do amazing work in their communities, transforming the lives of young people in neighbourhoods across the UK. Where they often lack support or the time is around their organisation’s development and it’s here where you can make a difference.

Our roles include:

  • Short-term placements – Focused on one topic area or specific challenge, placements usually last about 6 sessions, perhaps even less.
  • Long-term placements – Placements span a series of months and encompass multiple topics, or a single complex subject.
  • One-off support – Kickstarts are semi-structured, informal chats to learn more about a group’s strengths and challenges, and recommend a course of action.
  • Specific project work, facilitating/delivering webinars and training, or supporting Sported itself plus much more!

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