Stronger Together

We know that women frequently come into contact with a range of professionals during pregnancy and following childbirth, but research has shown that there is a lack of clear and consistent physical activity information which often lead to women turning to informal sources for guidance or stopping activity completely.​

​We also know that inactivity during pregnancy puts women at risk of continued inactivity which means that they will be losing out on many of the physical and mental health benefits assorted with an active lifestyle.​

​That’s why we want to develop a network of This Mum Moves Ambassadors across Cornwall. Together we want to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of pregnant women and new mums by reducing the decline in physical activity levels during and after pregnancy.

This Mum Moves is an educational programme which aims to empower women to make informed physical activity choices throughout pregnancy and beyond by providing professionals with the tools to discuss physical activity during the childbearing years. ​

​The programme has been co-produced by women and professionals, piloted in five areas of England, and evaluated independently over the last three years. ​

Become a This Mum Moves Ambassador – 17 November 2022

This Mum Moves Ambassadors will be supported in their role to raise awareness through social media and deliver the 1-hr ‘This Mum Moves Awareness Session’ to their colleagues – creating a greater network of professionals who advocate for physical activity across Cornwall.​

​They will also have access to a national and local network of This Mum Moves Ambassadors and the Digital Toolkit, which hosts a range of expert resources. ​

Be part of our network of advocates – 16 August 2022

If you work with pregnant or post-natal women and wish to increase your knowledge and understanding of the benefits of physical activity, then you can also join a This Mum Moves Awareness Session on 16 August 2022. All participants will also have access to the TMM digital toolkit.

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