Time2Move Holiday Programme FAQs

Help! I’m stuck!

If you’re struggling with bookings email a member of the Time2Move team on time2move.holidayprogramme@cornwall.gov.uk

Why is this only free for children on benefits related free school meals?

School holidays can have particular challenges for some families because of increased costs such as food and childcare and reduced incomes. Therefore, families on low incomes are:

  • less likely to access organised out-of-school activities;
  • more likely to experience ‘unhealthy holidays’ in terms of nutrition and physical health;
  • and more likely to experience social isolation

We understand finances can be difficult for families that aren’t on benefits related free school meals, so we provide a FREE meal for every child that attends. Prices for sessions are kept as low as possible to enable as many children to attend as we can accommodate.

Can I pay for a session if I don’t receive free school meals?

Yes you can! You’ll be directed to pay online when you make your booking.

Are there sessions that can only be booked by those on benefits related free school meals?

Yes. There are some sessions that are only bookable for children in receipt of benefit related free school meals. However, there are dozens of activities, so there’s sure to be one you’ll like if you can’t book on to certain clubs.

How do the booking codes work?

Read our blog – it’s all explained there!

T2M Holiday Programme codes explained – Active Cornwall

Why is it asking for my bank details?

If you are being asked to enter your bank details then your voucher code may be incorrect, or you are not eligible for benefits related free school meals. 

Go back and check that the voucher code is exactly the same a on the look up system.  If this still doesn’t work then please get in touch with the team who will be able to assist.

Will there be more activities added?

Yes! We’ll be adding activities until late July, so keep checking the website for updates.

Can you keep me updated?

We’d love to! Send us your email address and phone number for updates and latest news.

Is there support for children with SEND requirements?

The Time2Move Holiday Programme has partnered with Parent Carers Cornwall to support children with SEND. A representative will speak to parents directly about the needs of their child to ensure they are met when attending sessions.

To speak to someone from PCC, call them on 07706 021016 or 07706 021018, or email t2mpcc@outlook.com.

Please ensure you speak to a PCC representative to discuss your child’s needs at least one week in advance of any planned sessions.

I have a question about my session, who should I speak to?

You’ll need to contact the activity provider directly – this is the organisation running the activity. If their details aren’t on the Playwaze website, try finding them on social media.

I think I’ve made a mistake with my booking. What should I do?

You can cancel or edit your booking by logging back into the booking system. You’ll be able to see your calendar of bookings on the bottom right.  More information on how to do this can be seen here

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